Proven quality of product

Glass and aluminium partition walls for office and home

Glass in combination with stainless steel is an exclusive design material for sophisticated requirements. Glass partition wall systems with or without doors are ideal for both private living spaces and commercial or public facilities, as they enable completely new room concepts. A glass room divider with sliding door can both connect and separate – as required. A fixed glass element without a door serves to save energy in the stairwell or to structure rooms in large living and working areas. The many possible combinations of fixed part and door offer the perfect glass solution for every requirement.

Permanently installed all-glass walls without door

A glass partition wall without a door is suitable for various applications. Used as an office partition, it closes off the room energetically and noise-insulating without impairing transparency and visibility. In the staircase, a glass wall ensures that warm air does not rise upwards, thus reducing energy costs. Partial glass partitions are also used to visually divide rooms to create new room structures. For example, the walk-in wardrobe or the shower area in the bathroom is simply partitioned off with a glass wall. Here the glass partition wall now competes with the classic “glass shower cubicle”. If a shower cubicle is more of a small, closed room, a shower wall made of glass is a room divider that is usually generously dimensioned and separates the shower area sensibly from the other functional units in the bathroom. Above all, however, the shower partition serves to keep splash and splash water in the shower.

Glass office partition wall with sliding door

Office partition walls made of glass with sliding doors are just as practical in the office as in private living areas. Although rooms are separated by the glass system, they remain optically connected due to their transparency. The passage can be closed or opened as required. In our partition wall systems we use our tried and tested Suspens (stainless steel), Mercato (aluminium) and Piano (aluminium in stainless steel look with Softclose fitting) sliding door systems to realise the entire glass partition wall system. The fixed parts can be fixed according to your wishes: We offer you punctual stainless steel brackets or continuous profiles.

High quality partition wall material

We only use high-quality toughened safety glass (ESG) and laminated safety glass (VSG) made of partially tempered glass for partition walls and partition wall doors. The glass is manufactured in USA and meets the high quality requirements. Handles, holders and fastening systems are made of high-quality stainless steel from renowned manufacturers.