Proven quality of product

Why clients choose us

1. Outstanding glass quality

The quality of our product is determined by the quality of the glass: it is particularly pure glass and is produced with great effort. We prefer to use stronger glass, but this guarantees higher impact and shock resistance. For example, our glass showers are always made of 8 mm ESG, whereas many other suppliers use thinner glass.

2. Own product development

Our products are developed in our in-house design department. Prototypes are tested in test series for ease of assembly, stability and appearance before we go into series production.

3. Personal consultation

You will receive intensive advice from us. Any uncertainty about the product, delivery and assembly is eliminated in advance. Call us on 484-412-8216 .

4. Technical drawing

For your order we provide an individual, technical drawing. Only when all your questions have been clarified and you have approved the drawing do we start production.

5. Transport service

We attach great importance to the packaging of our glass products. That is why we build extra strong wooden frames in which the glass is fixed and covered with foil. Delivery is carried out by a selected contract forwarding agent. You will receive a call from us when we know the delivery date. And 1 day before delivery, a call from the forwarding agent who will give you the approximate time of delivery.

6. Assembly by our employees

In most cases our glass products can be assembled by yourself. The technical drawing explains the drilling distances or shows the possible adjustments that you can make, for example, on the shower hinges. For our standard products we also have complete installation instructions available for download.

If you would like us to install them for you, we are happy to offer them at an attractive fixed price. The assembly is carried out by our own employees, the date will be agreed individually with you.

7. After-sales support

Even after the purchase we do not leave you alone. If you still have any questions, you can contact us at any time. We are sincerely interested that you become a satisfied customer!